Kia orana, welcome Mareta Matenga our new Project Manager - Wellbeing Services Delivery Model

We are extremely excited to welcome Mareta Matenga, Project Manager for the Wellbeing Services Delivery Model

01 April 2022

We are extremely excited to welcome Mareta Matenga, Project Manager for the Wellbeing Services Delivery Model.

Mareta will lead the development of the Wellbeing Service Delivery model. She will manage the engagement with the multiple stakeholders to ensure the operational and service delivery streams of the Pan Pacific Community Hub.

Born and raised in Kirikiriroa, Hamilton, Mareta’s parents Ere (nee Marsters, Pamati Island) and the late George Ford (Vaipae, Aitutaki Island) and together with her eight siblings have dedicated their lives to serving the Hamilton Cook Island Community and their Pacific Islands Presbyterian faith community.

Mareta is well-known within the Waikato community and has over 20 years’ experience working in community development and community-led approaches.

“I remember being involved over the years in many community fono to dream and discuss how a place like the Pan Pacific Community Hub, will help our community thrive and to celebrate our Pacific-ness in Kirikiriroa.

“It’s exciting to know that I am involved in making history and that my contribution will leave a legacy for my tupuna and mokopuna to be proud of.”

“I’m grateful to God and K’aute Pasifika for this opportunity for me to use my gifts, skills and talent to further his Kingdom and create more opportunities for our community to be successful in this life.”

Rachel Karalus, CEO of K’aute Pasifika, believes Mareta’s strong community experience and connections will be an asset to not only our organisation but the Waikato community.

“Mareta, is a well-known and respected community leader who has dedicated herself to support not only her Cook Island community but all the communities in the Waikato.

“Mareta’s extensive experience in community engagement, community development and planning large scale projects and events will be invaluable to the development of the Wellbeing Service Delivery Model that will sit inside and across the Pan Pacific Community Hub.

“She also has considerable governance experience which will be an asset not only to K’aute Pasifika’s executive leadership team but also to the stakeholder engagement needed to ensure Model development, delivery and execution occur in a sustainable, culturally responsive and inclusive way.

“We know that Mareta is a taonga in her community, to the broader community and to Hamilton City Council and we really do appreciate what a blessing it is that stepping into our space aligns with her personal purpose. We hope we can look after Mareta, nurture her and support her to grow while we benefit from her contribution to K’aute Pasifika and the delivery of a significant community aspiration,” says Rachel.

Mareta is grateful for the 20 years she has worked at the Hamilton City Council, and the many different communities in our awesome city to develop, grow and gain so much experience. 

“I’m looking forward to focusing my time and energy, while using my community development and community-led approaches and experiences to support the development of the Wellbeing Delivery services with K’aute Pasifika,” says Mareta.