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At K’aute Pasifika we are driven by results. We exist to create healthier, stronger prosperous individuals, families, and the kind of connected community we all want to be part of.

To do this we offer a wide range of health, education, employment and social services, but the key is that we help you weave all of these together to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

Why is this important? Put simply, you can’t deliver long term wellbeing by focussing on just one aspect of life. Education, employment, social and health outcomes are all inter-related and improving results in one area can only happen if all the other areas are also strong.

The concept that best describes this approach is the Fonofale model – working with all aspects including the cultural values and beliefs of a person. Connecting culture and family are fou inter-related dimensions - spiritual, physical, mental and other – which all contribute to an individual’s wellbeing. So whilst we have all of these services available, we don’t expect you to figure this all out, or to try to navigate the system by yourself – it’s our pleasure to help you navigate the systems and programmes that exist to create a plan that is perfect for you. To do this we have access to a wide range of free services:

Health Services

We provide community health services including WellChild health assessments for children under 5 years old, mental health and addiction services, cervical screening, immunisations, chronic disease management, smoking cessation and other specialised services. 

Education Services

We empower our children and their families to achieve the best in education and offer mentoring and coaching for Pacific students, and Talanoa Ako supporting families to champion their children’s learning.

Social Services

We provide Family Wellbeing and Family Violence Prevention programmes, integrated safety response, community connectors and Whānau Ora programmes to help Pacific families achieve their aspirations.

Employment Services

We empower our clients to supporting them with the skills they need to achieve employment and/or training outcomes.