Pragma Homes celebrates Fijian connection

This Saturday's Nesian Festival 2021 will bring together Waikato's Pacific community in a celebration of culture. We spoke with the event's major sponsor Pragma Homes director Sanjil Mistry about his beloved Fiji.  

March 23, 2021

Sanjil Mistry is a proud Fijian of Indian descent. 

The Pragma Homes director is a successful business owner and the major sponsor of this year’s Nesian Festival on March 27 in Hamilton.

The reason Sanjil has chosen to support the festival is simple – he wants to give back to his Pacific communities.

“As a Fijian, I am proud of where my family originated from. I am also lucky to be in a fortunate position to give back to our communities – this is something you will see in Fiji – no one hesitates to help,” Sanjil says.

It is important that I do this in a meaningful way. The opportunity to support and celebrate diversity, language and the culture of the Pacific through the Nesian Festival is a privilege to me and my family.”

Sanjil came to New Zealand with his family after the Fijian military coup in 1987. His family settled in Hamilton, running a clothing manufacturing business – Pragma Fashions Ltd. The business has thrived over the last 33 years in Hamilton.

“I have great memories of times spent in Fiji.  We spent every school holiday in Fiji with my family. What I love about our Pacific culture is the bringing together of the many ethnicities that have settled in the Islands.

The art, vibrancy, diversity, beliefs, languages, principles and values of the Fijian culture - these things are the things I have grown up with, it has contributed to shaping me as a person.”

Studying Law and Accounting at the University of Waikato Sanjil, after graduating, spent the first part of his career working in the corporate sector in Auckland, before setting up his own business - Pragma Homes - in Hamilton.

Pragma Homes specialises in commercial construction and residential housing and has become a successful company in the Waikato with over 40 fulltime employees in Hamilton.

Leaupepe Rachel Karalus, chief executive of K’aute Pasifika is grateful to have the support from Sanjil and Pragma Homes.

“Sanjil and the team at Pragma share the same values with our organisation and understand the importance of giving back and supporting our Pacific communities. Sanjil is a role model for our Pacific people. His incredible work ethic and successful business is a credit to him.”